Mindful Sex

Mindful Sex

What our partners are really craving is connection, attention
—and better use of our tongues.
— Jeremy Adam Smith
What’s Sex Got To Do With Mindfulness?

The Art of Conscious Lovemaking

True intimacy begins with safety and vulnerability, to be secure with your partner in your nakedness, literally and figuratively, in body, mind, spirit and soul, with openness, connection and acceptance. No matter how far you’ve come in your intimate relationship, cultivating love, intimacy, and union is an ongoing process. Incorporating mindfulness into your sex life can be transformative.

  • Are you satisfied with your present sexual situation?
  • Would you like more playful and passionate lovemaking?
  • What might be holding you back from letting go?

People who are more mindful cultivate greater intimacy, have more enjoyable, loving sex, and live more fulfilling lives. Mindful sex becomes a communication from the deepest parts of ourselves, and a connection with the deepest parts of our partner. When we are able to stay in our bodies during sex, rather than closing down and tuning out, we are better able to stay connected both the physically and emotionally.

  • Would you like to be more sexually responsive and satisfied?
  • Would you like to develop more meaningful connection and togetherness?
  • Do you desire deeper intimacy, and greater physical pleasure?

Teaching people to be mindful helps them make conscious decisions to be fully engaged and present physically and emotionally. The more in touch we are with the body, the greater capacity we have to experience joy and connection. Mindful Sex Is Mind-Blowing Sex. It rewires your brain, your most responsive and important sex organ for deeper intimacy between you and your partner.

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Best of luck on your unfolding journey of a lifetime