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Discovering Mindful Relationships

Mindful Relationships is an integrative approach for healing and transformation. The practice of Mindful Relationships helps people enhance their ability to regulate emotions, communicate feelings to others, and more intimately relate to a partner.

Each of us has the ability to be more loving, thoughtful, and considerate. Focusing on what is right with us rather than what is wrong with us will open up a whole new way of envisioning emotional health and well-being.

Are you Stressed, Anxious, Chronically Sad, Lonely, Depressed? The practice of Mindful Relationships helps people learn to live their lives with greater ease, and provides a unique way of being in the world, “Growing in the ability to be fully responsible for my own life while being committed to growing closer to those I love.”

Relationship Enhancement

“Anything less than mad, passionate,
extraordinary love is a waste of time.”
― Tiffanie DeBartolo

Intimate Relationships matter. And they take work. And they need to be fun and playful to be nourishing, rewarding, and self-sustaining. Otherwise why bother? Mindful Relationships provides the insight and understanding for relatively happy, non-distressed couples to continually flourish in their relationship.

Through the practice of Mindful Relationships, you will learn to cultivate a greater sense of happiness, joy and contentment in your intimate partner relationship, develop the capacity for more enjoyable, loving sex, and live a more fulfilling life.

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The Romance of Self Discovery

“Show up. Pay attention.
Tell the truth. Don’t be attached.”
― Angeles Arrien

Decisions, decisions. We all struggle to repeat the past differently and create a better future. The more responsible you can be to your core values and beliefs, the greater the likelihood of strong, resilient friendships and secure intimate partner relationships.

Mature self-focus and responsibility for one’s own emotional well-being engenders the development of healthy, capable autonomy, and safe, nourishing emotional interdependence. The practice of Mindful Relationships helps you gain confidence in making decisions based on your authentic principles and deepest heart’s desires.

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Family Ties that Bind

"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton.
You may as well make it dance."
― George Bernard Shaw

Families. We all have them. We all grew up in them. Many of us have created our own. All of them are at various times sources of great joy and satisfaction as well as intense anxiety and disappointment. Issues arise when we are stuck with a story that has outlived its usefulness.

Through the practice of Mindful Relationships you will learn about the rules, roles and relationship requirements of your family of origin, freeing yourself to develop both autonomy and healthy emotional interdependence and live a more loving, productive and fulfilling life.

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