For Intimate Partners

For Intimate Partners

Changing how you behave towards others
can be the fastest way to alter how others
behave towards you.

Practical Advice

Intimate Relationships matter. And they take work. And they need to be fun and playful to be nourishing, rewarding and life sustaining. Intimate emotional connections greatly impact our lives. It is a biological imperative to feel safe in another’s arms. How best then to consciously engage in our romantic, intimate partner relationships? The prescription for life enjoyment and fulfillment is the active engagement in addressing one’s own unresolved emotional attachments so one can be fully present in their relationship.

Taking responsibility for what you can take responsibility for and attending to your authentic needs, wants, and desires in the context of your intimate partner relationship opens the door to facilitating healing. If you change yourself, you fundamentally change the nature of your relationship. The less obligatory your relationship orientation the better able you will be to both receive love and develop a genuine concern for, and loving connection with others.

Consultation with a well-trained Bowen Family Systems Theory “Coach” and Relationship Consultant can help you develop a solid self in the wider context of your most important relationship, learning how to deal with differences without losing connections.

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I wish you all the best on your unfolding journey of a lifetime.