Welcome to Mindful Relationships

Welcome to Mindful Relationships

“Who you are
is not who you were…
It is who you are.”
― Portia Nelson

Relational Therapy, Coaching and Consultation

Welcome to Mindful Relationships, a unique practice for healing and transformation. Bringing presence and mindful awareness to the relational sphere inspires people to develop appropriate responsibility for themselves, establish their ability to ask directly for what they want, and calmly maintain an authentic trustworthy position in the face of disagreement.

As we all struggle with balancing emotional closeness and distance, we can all benefit from relationship coaching and consultation. Whether one is currently romantically unattached, a member of a dyad wondering whether to become a couple, a partner in a newly committed intimate relationship, passionately engaged over many years, growing distant and disenchanted or starting again, many of the fundamental questions, and certainly the path to satisfying answers, are essentially the same.

We all have the ability to be more thoughtful, loving, kind, and considerate. Mindful Relationships is an integrative approach that enhances the ability to regulate emotions, communicate thoughts and feelings to others, and relate to a partner in a mutually satisfying way, opening space to develop greater freedom, safety, and connection in their most intimate relationships.

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I wish you all the best on your unfolding journey of a lifetime.