Coaching For Better Relationships

“The trick in life is to enjoy getting there,
not to decide what you will do for pleasure when you arrive.”

Developing Intimacy and a Solid Self

Beginning in the mid-1960’s, Murray Bowen developed and refined the now-popular approach of coaching individuals to change themselves in the context of their familial and intimate relationships. Bowen used the technical term “coaching” to refer to preparing and acting for change in the individual’s natural system of relationships.

Would you like to learn how best to

  • Develop both autonomy and healthy interdependence in your relationships?
  • Change your contribution to unsatisfying relationship patterns?
  • Do things differently in ways that signal interest rather than obligation?

Coaching focuses on real world behavior with significant others. The process of change is built upon ownership of one’s emotional reactions to old triggers and interactions.

The goal is to help individuals proactively define themselves in relationship to others without emotionally cutting off or giving in.

Would you like to learn how best to

  • Define yourself in relationship without emotionally cutting off or giving in?
  • Bring your behavior more in line with your deepest held beliefs?
  • Deepen your unique, authentic intimate relationships?

Bowen Family Systems Theory Coaching offers individuals a process for dealing with differences without losing connection, an opportunity for learning and sharing. Intimacy takes place only in a unique one-to-one reltionship. There is no hope of improvement if being nicer, warmer, more giving, more caring is seen as loosing.

As a therapeutic coach I help people plan and strategize to become observers and researchers of their role in relationship patterns, and then move planfully toward changing their part. The practice of Mindful Relationships adds the centuries old contemplative understanding of showing up and staying present to whatever is, in the development of both autonomy and connectedness.

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Best of luck on your unfolding journey of a lifetime


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